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Zoho Wiki - Overview

Zoho Wiki is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create your own wiki with its own pages and sub-pages. Its user-friendly interface allows you to draw on your creativity to build a mini website of sorts complete with pictures and multi-media snippets.

Create your very own space on the web with a Zoho Wiki. It’s where you can put down your stories, your ideas, your thoughts and even your images & pictures. It’s where you get to call the shots. It’s where you are the boss. But that’s not all: it responds to the basic human need to connect with others - share your wiki with others, allow them to work on it and enjoy the joys of collaboration.

Zoho Wiki is a great place to create any kind of groups like classrooms, families, sports teams, activity groups, book clubs, travelogue, intranet sites, product help documentation, project management, personal profile, company events and newsletters etc.

For those of you who think you’re treading on unsure territory, allow us to run you through the basics of how to use Zoho Wiki.

enlightened411 2414 - days ago 
Very nice intro! Kudos.
Yudit Gamez 2399 - days ago 
Excelent for education
Guest 2260 - days ago 
Excelente para asesorías de tésis. Felicitaciones
Guest 2260 - days ago 
Deseo que todos mis asesorados lo manejen. En este momento estoy terminando unas jornadas de Investigación. Al terminar me involucraré en Wiki
mmgibson 2237 - days ago 
Cool! I can't wait to play with this!
marlonmacoco 2185 - days ago 
pretty great!
capello 2137 - days ago 

can someone pleace show me how to change the background color of a page ??

Mano Krishnan 2136 - days ago 

You can change the background color in the wiki, by using the custom css (style sheet) option.
Give the url of the custom style sheet, by clicking on Settings--> Customization and enter the url of your .css file in the text box provided for that and click on save button to save the settings.

capello 2136 - days ago 
thank you very much
janetcl 2113 - days ago 
How do you delete tags?

Guest 2113 - days ago 
@Janet ,

Go to the tagged page. -> Click upon the tag to be deleted ->Menu with delete tag option will appear -> Now click on delete tag

Revathi Priya
tthoreson 2105 - days ago 
How do you add widgets like voci's?
Mano Krishnan 2105 - days ago 

Could you please elaborate your query?

rohit.sood32 2101 - days ago 
my server is not connecting yahoo messenger n gmail talk,can anyone help me how to contact it.
superadmin 2100 - days ago 

Could you please elaborate your query?

leeasmith 2099 - days ago 
How do you change the title of the wiki?
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 2099 - days ago 

Please go through the below steps to change the title,

1. Click on Wiki (link at top) -> Settings -> Customization
2. Now click on Edit in TopPanel
3. Now change your logo,title and save it

you can also view this page for more information on customization :

alfred1520 2095 - days ago 
I had trouble editing the wiki from smart phone and reported the trouble. The support replied very quickly duplicated the issue and provided a workaround (Click HTML Source icon last icon in the editor toolbar <>). I am very pleasantly surprised by such quick and proactive response.
mariade 2089 - days ago 
como hago para subir un archivo de power a la wiki.Deseo subirlo a la mi página
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 2089 - days ago 
@ mariade,

Hope you are asking about uploading a file to a particular page.

You could upload files to a page through Attachment link at the bottom of that particular page.

Revathi Priya
Guest 1994 - days ago 
hi wat up
Guest 1974 - days ago 
Eu não entendiiii esse site...
rayssa mattos (Guest) 1974 - days ago 
não intindi
Donai Jones 1962 - days ago 
how do i upload my chat?
rix1957 1962 - days ago 
I recently got an emailer from Golden Inspirations. I would like to know how I could make an emailer like that and send to my contacts. It said powered by Zoho at the bottom.

Lynn (Guest) 1958 - days ago 
Hi! Which countries does zoho provides its Online Support?

loren (Guest) 1929 - days ago 
how in the heck do i get to my daily work projects?
bbalin 1926 - days ago 
Hallo aus Berlin
Mano Krishnan 1926 - days ago 

Thanks for using Zoho Wiki.

Keep using Zoho Wiki and spread the word.

============== German Version =======================
@ Bbalin,

Danke fuer die Benutzung Zoho Wiki.

Halten Sie mit Zoho Wiki und das Wort zu verbreiten.

eryoshimura 1922 - days ago 
I would like to transfer all of my Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet files into Zoho (I'm switching to Zoho because I cannot edit GDocs on my mobile devices). It seemed at one point on my iPad that I would be able to transfer all of them with a single click, but when the window came up to select files from my GDocs account, it showed zero files. I can't get to the same page on my laptop now, and when I tell it to import from Google Documents, it browses to my desktop. Any tips on how to transfer files in one fell swoop, rather than having to save to my computer and transfer every single one individually?

Thanks in advance for the help!
Sathish Kumar Thanganathan 1921 - days ago 
Zoho Docs is integrated with Google Docs. We added an option to upload files directly to Zoho Docs from Google Docs.

To migrate Google Docs to Zoho, you can download all the google docs as Zip and upload to Zoho Docs. We have unzip option in Zoho Docs, So you can unzip the uploaded zip files(google docs), it can be viewed as uploaded files in Zoho Docs.. So this is an option in Zoho Docs to can view and edit googledocs ..

Please try it and provide your valuable feedback.

for more:

cepamsp 1903 - days ago 
How to perform the analysis of the account by providing the traffic that I have my wiki?
Alejandro Urias 1886 - days ago 
I could not copy-paste an PPT image in a wiki page, why?
Mano Krishnan 1886 - days ago 

You can not copy & paste images from the external PPT. If you want you can import PPT to Zoho Show then make it public and try to copy and paste the PPT images.

Hope this helps. Do get back to us for further questions.

Mano Krishnan 1886 - days ago 

You can use Google Analytics for tracking. Create your GA script and insert the same into custom top or bottom panel using GA Widget.

Help documentation available at the following URL.


Hope this helps.

lethann 1856 - days ago 
I know someone above asked about deleting tags, but I've already deleted the pages that the tags are on, but the tags remain in my cloud. Is there a tag editor where I can go remove these tags?

NM.. I found it. You go to /ShowAllTags.im and can delete them there.
Aravind Sanal 1799 - days ago 
Hi Iam a new user to Wiki. Am not able to create a new wiki under my login. If I do, am getting a message "sorry you have reached the limit". Kindly advise
Guest 1785 - days ago 
I am trying to export data from Hy-tek Swim Meet Manager. I have followed the steps given but when I click OK I get the message that No team fit the LSC, Region, and Team search criteria. Help! I don't know what to do now!
maria193 1670 - days ago 
¿ Como se comparte una wiki a un determinado numero de usuarios?
How do you share a wiki to a specific number of users?
sindhu.b.v 1622 - days ago 
i needed to know hw to add contacts of members
Frann Bynes 1594 - days ago 
very nice
janiceliu 1594 - days ago 
how can i get the email message, if our teammate change the page in our zoho?? please help...
Alex Ranjith Joseph Raj 1585 - days ago 

Do you want add Users in your wiki ? Follow the steps to add the users in your wiki.
1. Go to Wiki > Permissions.
2. Click Actions > Custom Permissions.
3. Select Individual users.
4. Enter the user email id or Zoho user name and set the permission for this user respectively.

Hope this helps.


Follow the steps to get the email message if your teammate change the page
1. Go to the teammate changed page
2. Click Watch this page under attachments link.
3. Then you get the email message if your teammate changes.

Hope this helps,

Thanks & Regards,
Zoho Wiki Team.
teamleaders 1350 - days ago 
How do you copy and paste from Word into Wiki? I used to be able to do this but now it doesn't let me.
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1350 - days ago 
@teamleaders, You can import a Word document into Wiki. Click Create New Page button in the wiki > click Import Page > Import your word document.

Hope this helps. Please write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Revathi Priya
mapch1 (Guest) 1316 - days ago 
when i try to sign in my account the message appear your account is in active, pls help me how i can reactivate my account
katierogers 1311 - days ago 
Hi guys, do you have a video tutorial or best practices for starting a new wiki or workspace? i am taking you up on your offer above to "run through it with me"
izmirescortbayan.com (Guest) 1277 - days ago 
thank you..
garima10 1273 - days ago 
How to customize dashboard of workspace??????
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1266 - days ago 
@garima10, You can not customize the dashboard. However, you can create Site Dashboard page and set that page as the home page of your wiki. Please try this and write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further help.

Revathi Priya
Zoho Wiki
Tim (Guest) 1260 - days ago 
Is it possible to remove the line that says "Attachments(1)" at the foot of a page with an image on? Thanks.
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1260 - days ago 
Sorry, there is no special settings to hide attachments from the page. However, you can hide it through Custom CSS option.

Follow the below steps to hide attachment section in all the wiki pages :

* Download the CSS file by accessing this URL : https://demo.wiki.zoho.com/_attach/1.0/92c39ae3ab45bd9492481080b89c2714/hideattachments.css and save it
* Login as an administrator of the wiki
* Go to Wiki > Settings > Customizations
* Upload the saved CSS file under Style Sheet (CSS) URL

Follow the below steps to hide the attachments section for a particular page

* Access your wiki page
* Edit it and Click Insert HTML icon (the third one from the last)
* Select Style Sheet (CSS)
* Enter the below code

* Click Insert

Please try this and write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Thanks and Regards,
Revathi Priya
Zoho Wiki
Tim (Guest) 1260 - days ago 
Thank you!
Jeslin Varghese 1233 - days ago 
Hello, this question is regarding Zoho CRM - Potential Form. I was trying to edit the "potential" form when I realized I cannot get rid of a field that is marked mandatory by ZOHO. How can I make it not madatory and discard it. Example" closing date", and "Stage". Also, it would be good if we can edit the fields that's already created in zoho rather than creating custom fields which is also a good option.

Thank you for your help,

rjalva85 1213 - days ago 
why do you had to create the instructions in english.....damn you!! necesito instrucciones malditos.
Quisiera un tutorial paso a paso,para crear la wiki, nombrarla e insertarle todos las herramientas que disponemos para una clase
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1143 - days ago 

We do not have any video tutorial. Go through this help wiki http://zohowikihelp.wiki.zoho.com and build your wiki. If you have any doubts/issues/requirements, please write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com.

Thanks and Regards,
Revathi Priya
Cuteako Wenkz 1136 - days ago 
How to create new page??
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1136 - days ago 

Follow the steps in this link to create a new page in your wiki : https://zohowikihelp.wiki.zoho.com/New-Page.html . Please try and write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Thank you,
Revathi Priyta
caschan 1062 - days ago 
I want to quit a subscribed wiki. How can I do that ?
How many wikis can I be subscribed for without upgrading my account ?

Best regards
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1060 - days ago 

you can create a wiki and share your wiki with 3 users under free account.

Steps to cancel your subscription:
*Click Upgrade link at the top or go to https://wiki.zoho.com/plan.do
*Click Cancel my subscription

Hope this helps. Please write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Thank you,
Revathi Priya
caschan 1049 - days ago 
Thank for your answer.
I do not wish to upgrade my account, nor unsubscribe my wiki.
I want to know how to "leave" wikis created by other people but that I'm subscribed to.

Best regards

I would also like to know if there there is a limit for the number of wikis created by other that I can be subscribed for having only the basic free account.
reemsayed 1026 - days ago 
how can i get notification on e-mail??
Onur Senturk 995 - days ago 
hi.Please help me how can i change my author name?not nick name, author name.
Pratik Ghatki 895 - days ago 
Excelent for education
gillianperrett 855 - days ago 
Some days I can see the images I've uploaded; other days I can't ..... what's the problem?
Syed Akram 821 - days ago 
How to remove a page from wiki?
silvalopes_1976 799 - days ago 
how to maintain wiki step by step?
nikita manghnani 787 - days ago 
>rem $Id$
1 file(s) moved.
The system cannot find the file specified.
Logging in...
Logged in successfully...
Error !!!
Exception occured while establishing connection to the database server
Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect
Kindly check the logs for more details!
Logged Out successfully
Lynda Champion 745 - days ago 
Hi I cant receive emails from zoho email. My zoho email is trainingandrecruitment@ozcareerfutures.com. Can you please help me ASAP?? Ive been trying to call you guys all day but I cant get through!
dnlcnwy 673 - days ago 
Hi. First, thanks for this site. I have been looking for a place to post my work for some time. To business. How do I set my configurations so that Google will crawl my page? I want a Google search for "Eschatology by the laity" to return a link to my wiki page.
nickypowergirl 595 - days ago 
Why are there two languages on my first page?The same content is there in english and in german. Is it possible to only have one?
Edyta Utlińska 587 - days ago 
hi everyone.I would like to configure my mail account on mobile phone but it writes that he can not connect wuth server, no response from server. Does anyone knows how to configure the account on the phone? thanks a lot
neigenmesa 538 - days ago 
No he podido invitar usuarios ¿qué hago?
Guest 538 - days ago 
Hi! Thinking of starting a Zoho Wiki. I have 2 requirements:
1) I need to login with google credentials.
2) I need to have Graphviz support in the wiki.
Does anyone know if those requirement are met?
Shikha 431 - days ago 
Hi, I have an account on wiki zoho for 10 users.

Is there any option to download all the documents in the wiki to local computer, in single go ?

I tried the wiki export option, but the exported docs are not in readable format and even the doc name is not similar.

Please help.
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 430 - days ago 
@Shika ,

Go to Wiki > Settings > General and Click "Click to download the backup" . It will be in HTML format.

Please try and write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Thank you!
contact 427 - days ago 
I put the script into my web page and it says "I'm not logged in"
But I am. What is wrong?
Shikha 427 - days ago 
hi Revathi,

thanks for the response.

I tried this, but it did not pull the attachments with the pages, to me.

Any option for that ?


Divyanjali Solutions 342 - days ago 
is there a word limitation in Zoho Blog? a userr update reports that his response is trimmed
Guest 177 - days ago 
For businesses, under pricing you have mentioned that its $5 per wiki per month , why do i need separate wikis. Can't I just create one wiki and maintain separate workspaces ? What is the difference between separate workspaces & separate wikis ?
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 176 - days ago 
@Guest :

/why do i need separate wikis. Can't I just create one wiki and maintain separate workspaces ? What is the difference between separate workspaces & separate wikis ?/

If you want to get a separate URL like <your-wiki-name>.wiki.zoho.com, then you can go for separate wiki. Otherwise, you can create a wiki and create different workspaces for your organization. All the features and functionalists are available in workspace.

Please write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Thank you!
cmoore_62 154 - days ago 
Hello I need to allow my class members to view my wiki how do i do this? There are at least 20 people in class; is there a way to copy and paste a link?
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 150 - days ago 

//Hello I need to allow my class members to view my wiki how do i do this? There are at least 20 people in class; is there a way to copy and paste a link?///

Please follow the instructions given in this help link to share your wiki with your class members : https://zohowikihelp.wiki.zoho.com/Wiki-Permissions.html

Write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com if you have any question, we would be happy to help you.

Thank you!
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