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How to delete a page?

  1. Choose the page you want to delete and click on the Delete icon at the top-left of your page.

    • For example, if you want to delete a page named little.
    • Visit that page and Click More actions button.
    • Click Delete in menu
    • On clicking the Delete menu, an alert gets displayed

    • Click OK to delete your page or Cancel if you dont want to delete that particular page.

  2. The page you delete ends up in the Trash folder, which is accessible from the Dashboard page. If need be, you can restore the deleted page from Trash.

benkoo (Guest) 2136 - days ago 
why is there no "delete" option in my dropdown for my wiki?
Mano Krishnan 2136 - days ago 


It means you don't have permission to delete that page. Please check your permission level with site admin and let me know if any issues in this.

Guest 2056 - days ago 
delete this page its interfearing my internet
tuansha70@yahoo.com+(Guest) 2056 - days ago 
need to delete this page
Mano Krishnan 2055 - days ago 
Hi tuansha70@yahoo.com,

Could you tell us page url which you want to delete?

This will helps us to solve your problem ASAP.

Guest 1911 - days ago 
I am the creator of the wiki page, I am teaching my students how to use it and make comments in English but some posted pages that I want to delete. There is not the icon delete in the box, how can't I have permission to delete it if I created the wiki. I need to manage the pages Tks
Mano Krishnan 1907 - days ago 
Dear Guest,

Please tell us the wiki url and your username. We will check and get back to you.

wga106 562 - days ago 
The instructions given here do not provide any help in deleting a page on the Zoho wiki. None of the menus I can access when I visit the page I wish to delete have a Delete option. Please provide some instructions that align with the current version of ZohoWiki.

adecosta 521 - days ago 
There is no "more actions" button on the pages I would like to delete, and I have admin privileges. Please advise.
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