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Embed YouTube Video


How to embed a YouTube video in Wiki Page?

  1. Copy YouTube URL
  2. Edit your page.
  3. Click on Widgets icon in the editor toolbar
  4. Click on YouTube Video in widget dialog box
  5. Paste the YouTube URL in text box.
  6. Click on Insert button and Save Page.

Sheila Zaldivar 1952 - days ago 
Hi... I embedded a video. It works well on firefox but totally disappears on chrome. Can you kindly have a look. Thanks

Mano Krishnan 1952 - days ago 

Thanks for using Zoho Wiki and posting your comments.

It is working for us. Could you please tell us your browser and OS details?

Sheila Zaldivar 1950 - days ago 
Hi Mano... I checked my settings just now and re-installed Flash. It works now. Thanks for your response!
Queralt 1662 - days ago 
I am having trouble with the YOUTUBE widget...it is simply not working. I was editing my wiki, and updating links and videos, but for some reason it keeps signaling an error in the page, and the video doesn't embed!

I have inserted a link, instead, but I'd rather my students had the video IN the wiki!!!


a2suzy 1548 - days ago 
I have inserted the URL for my youtube video through widgets and it is not working. It is just pasting a line down the page, but there is no video.


Mano Krishnan 1548 - days ago 
Dear Susie,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Please send your youtube code to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com. We will analyze and let you know.

Brad Lazarus 1473 - days ago 
Hi - Can I embed Screencast.com videos in a wiki page?
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1442 - days ago 
@bradlaz, Please send us the embed snippet of screeencast video to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com. We will analyze and let you know.

Revathi Priya
Susan Price 1348 - days ago 
hi there,
How do I embed a youtube playlist in my wiki? I can get the youtube embed code, but where do I put it?
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1347 - days ago 

Follow the steps to embed YouTube playlist in your wiki page

->Grab the Embed code from YouTube
->Edit your page
->Click green Widgets icon in the toolbar
->Click Iframe widget
->Paste the embed code
->Adjust the width and height . Then Insert it
-> Now, save and close your page

Hope this helps. Please write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Revathi Priya
whitneytucker 931 - days ago 

I was able to embedded a YouTube video with the widget on Internet Explorer, but it does not show up on Chrome. So I ran an update for Flash, and it still doesn't work.

Tony Ridley 852 - days ago 
Have also tried the YouTube widget and it doesn't work.

Have followed the instructions, inserted YouTube URL and saved the page.

While the edit version displays a YouTub widget tile, there is nothing display [and certainly no video to play] when the editor is closed and revisited again.

Please advise a solution to this problem
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 850 - days ago 
@Tony Ridley ,

Follow the below steps to embed You Tube Video in your wiki page :

>> Go to You Tube (https://www.youtube.com/)
>> Click "Share" link at the bottom of the video, copy the "Embed" snippet
>> Now, edit your wiki page, click "Widgets" icon
>> Click "Iframe Widget"
>> Enter the copied Embed snippet and click "Insert"


>> Copy the You Tube URL (like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RD_3wooRjI)
>> Edit your wiki page, click "Widgets" icon
>> Select "You Tube Video", paste the URL and click "Insert"

Please try and write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Revathi Priya
Zoho Wiki
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