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How to use Widgets?

  1. Edit your page.
  2. Click on Widgets icon in the editor toolbar.
  3. Click on any widget in widget dialog box and follow the steps.
  4. Click on Insert button and Save Page.

Widgets in Zoho Wiki

You can easily insert the widget of your choice and make your content dynamic. The list of widgets that Zoho Wiki offers are
  • Zoho : You have an option to embed documents, spreadsheets, presentations, creator forms , etc from other Zoho Apps.
    • Zoho Wiki Panels
      • Recently changed pages panel
      • Recent files panel
      • Recent comments panel
      • Insert wiki page
      • Workspace list
      • Subpage list
      • Search panel
      • Tag cloud
      • Bread crumbs
      • Sign In/Sign Out
    • Zoho Gadgets
    • Zoho Show
    • Zoho Sheet
    • Zoho Writer
    • Zoho Calendar
    • Zoho Creator
    • Zoho Chat
    • Zoho Reports
  • Social Tool
    • ¬†Using this Social Tool widget, you can share your wiki page to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Picasa Slideshow
  • Box Folder
  • Google Search
  • Google Video
  • Viddler Video
  • Vimeo Video
  • blip.tv
  • YouTube Video
  • Google Analytics
  • Vizu Polls
  • Trendrr Graph
  • W3Counter
  • Sitepal Avatar
  • Voki Avatar
  • Google Gadgets
  • Iframe Widget
    • Using this Iframe widget, you can insert any Iframe code snippet or URL

Note: See a sample video on Zoho Takes on Microsoft? is embedded in a wiki page and shown below

verdonck.erik 1762 - days ago 
Please provide a counter or otherwise allow any third-party code for a counter.
Susan Price 1345 - days ago 
Hi there,
Is it possible to watch for wiki updates from igoogle or gmail? ie is there some kind of gadget I can add to my page? My users will be using the google apps integrated version of zoho wiki so would like them to have a seamless experience - as far as possible!
jameswe 1285 - days ago 
How could I insert news on my Wiki? I want to combine several RSS feeds to get an RSS stream that is relavent to our staff.
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 1284 - days ago 
@jameswe, Follow the below steps to embed your feed URL in a wiki page:

Access your wiki page > Click Edit > Click Green icon (Insert Widget) in the editor toolbar > Select Iframe Widget in Widgets list > Paste the URL > Adjust height & width and Insert it > Save and Close the page.

Edit the page and double click on the image to change the properties of iframe widget.

Hope this helps. Please write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for further clarifications.

Thanks and Regards,
Revathi Priya
Jon McBride 874 - days ago 
Is it possible to have the pages listed in the subpage list alphabetized? They are coming up in reverse order that they were created.
RevathiPriya Kumarasamy 872 - days ago 
@jon McBride , We will try to provide sort option in the subpage list widget.

Plese write to support [at] zohowiki [dot] com for any clarifications.

Thank you!
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